Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Helpful Registry Items

May 7, 2010

Below are some registry items that are not always seen but can be very helpful to all Mama’s and Daddy’s! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

1. Fisher Price Motion Glider
2. Video Monitor
3. Blinds for the car
4. Bottle Warmer
5. Car Mirror
6. Cool mist humidifier
7. Cover for grocery cart
8. Crib Sheets
9. Diapers in all different sizes
10. Glass Bottles
11. Graco Travel Light Crib
12. Hangers
13. Long sleeves Onesies that have mittens in all sizes
14. Mittens for your kitten!!
15. Next stage car seat- For when they get bigger. if you get it, it is a big expense you don't have to worry about down the road
16. Onesies in all different sizes
17. Pacifier holders
18. Portable high chair-great for restaurants
19. Potty
20. Safety items: plug covers, corner covers, etc
21. Shampoo rinse cup
22. Sippy cups
23. Socks
24. Spoons
25. Sterilizer

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  1. LOVE glad you do this stuff because there are so many things i wouldnt think of!