Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shower favor ideas...try AVON w. Mama D

As Mama's we are all so busy these days, it is nice to know that AVON is a great website to find great beauty, clothing, and even shoe products just for you! AVON is also great for shower favor ideas at great prices! You could get The Avon Mini Creamy body washes #(437-640)for as low as .89! The Avon NATURALS Mini Shower Gel for also as low as .89! Pair them with a Avon Poof or even some fun Avon Lip Balms or Hand lotions! Something cute to add as a favor or a baby shower gift would be the Avon Avon Kids Bath Time Body Paints!! What a fun gift for baby. A special gift for mom could be the Avon Baby Booties Pendant Necklace, a special way to honor mom and it is on sale for $4.99!! The website is easy to use and shipping is quick at your door. I hope you enjoy the new website, and you take the time to pamper yourself, have fun! I hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,
Mama D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010 Out and About

Here are some things that have helped me when going out and about with SBG and wanted to pass them on to you! Please share any suggestions you may have too!!

1) Grocery Cart Cover-these things are awesome! Gives Mama piece of mind from germs but baby has fun too. I actually have a vinyl one for SBG that we got from Target, cleans super easy.

2) Always park next to the grocery cart "holders" in the parking lot; they have these anywhere carts are used for shopping like Walmart, Target, or your local grocery store. It is so much easier to get baby in and out when you are right next to your cart, then at the end of shopping trip you and baby have easy access to the cart/car and don't have to worry about taking it the whole back to another cart holder.

3) Try to keep a clean sippy cup, blankets, diapers, and extra toys in the car. I don't always have this when I need it but when I do am I glad!! In case you are on your way to Grandma's and forgot a sippy cup at least you have piece of mind you have one stashed in the car.

4) One way I keep SBG distracted in the car if she is getting bored is to count the signs and ask what color they are; we may have a game of count all the green signs, I count and she gets a kick out of finding all of them.

5) I watched an episode of Super Nanny where she had the kids play grocery store at home and let the kids have a "list," I have to say, the woman knows what she is talking about, great transition for the kids to enjoy the store!

Until next week,
Mama D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Congrats to Christa!! SBG picked your name out of the basket!! Thanks to everyone who entered with all of the wonderful comments and suggestions for all of our Mama's out there!! Thanks again to BabyLegs for supporting The Blog!!
Mama D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 14, 2010 & May 19, 2010

MAY 19TH: BabyLegs giveaway today on the Blog!! Write a comment on the latest post below about helpful Mama items, and one winner will be picked randomly tonight! Make sure to leave your email so I can contact the winner! It is for an adorable pair of pink BabyLegs!!

A college friend of mind gave me a great idea for the Blog this week! She suggested to write about items that worked during and after the pregnancy. I thought, what a fabulous idea! So, as I sit on the balcony on this beautiful Spring evening with SBG playing in her sandbox I had some time to think about my most helpful item...The Snoogle Pillow. I bought this at Target towards the end of my pregnancy and it helped me so much when I slept, it became even a bigger help when I came home from the hospital for a lot of reasons; 1) I had a c-section, if you have been through the surgery any type of movement is hard so the extra support in bed was great. 2) Nursing and bottle feedings, it was a nice extra support along with the Boppy 3) Comfort, I used the Snoogle until it was deflated of any "pillowness!!" Please leave your comments of what helped you out on your journey, I am sure the other Mama's would love to read your story.
Until Next Week,
Mama D
The one thing that made me feel normal again after having the baby was the Belly Band. After coming home from the hospital and feeling like my emotions were off the charts I just wanted to feel like myself again. I was able to use the Bellyband and were my own jeans and pants and it just made me feel normal. I used the Bellyband while I was pregnant in those ackward days when you are not big enough for maternity clothes yet but your own clothes are not fitting either and then used it again after the baby.
"Mama N"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Helpful Registry Items

May 7, 2010

Below are some registry items that are not always seen but can be very helpful to all Mama’s and Daddy’s! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

1. Fisher Price Motion Glider
2. Video Monitor
3. Blinds for the car
4. Bottle Warmer
5. Car Mirror
6. Cool mist humidifier
7. Cover for grocery cart
8. Crib Sheets
9. Diapers in all different sizes
10. Glass Bottles
11. Graco Travel Light Crib
12. Hangers
13. Long sleeves Onesies that have mittens in all sizes
14. Mittens for your kitten!!
15. Next stage car seat- For when they get bigger. if you get it, it is a big expense you don't have to worry about down the road
16. Onesies in all different sizes
17. Pacifier holders
18. Portable high chair-great for restaurants
19. Potty
20. Safety items: plug covers, corner covers, etc
21. Shampoo rinse cup
22. Sippy cups
23. Socks
24. Spoons
25. Sterilizer

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Wow! So many great entries and reasons to use or give the BabyLegs! Our winner was decided by SBG picking a name our of her pink sand bucket! She proudly handed me the name with Kelly K on it! Congrats Kelly and I hope you enjoy the BabyLegs. There will be another BabyLeg giveaway coming soon! Thanks to BabyLegs for helping us out with this event, www.babylegs.com.
-Mama D
May 2, 2010
Two years ago we brought home SBG from the hospital! To celebrate, with the generous help of BabyLegs (www.babylegs.com) I am doing a giveaway today! Pretty easy, just follow below.

To join in the Giveaway:
1. Just Email Me at rainprint2003@yahoo.com. Please let us know you would like to join the drawing, your name and how you might use BabyLegs for your sweet pea or as a gift.

2. I will randomly pick one lucky winner tonight and contact you by email.

Good Luck!
Mama D