Monday, July 26, 2010

Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint is nail polish that is all natural and chemical free! Something important to think about when painting the piggies of our babies!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For a good cause

Starting today through July 24th, I am going to have an Online party with Avon! Thank you in advance in your orders and please note that 5% of the sales will go to support my wonderful friend Elizabeth and her sister Catherine on their Susan G. Komen 3 day Walk for a Cure in honor of their mother. Please remember to select Direct Delivery as your option for shipping so the products will go directly to you! When you use the promotional code SUMMERFS13 at checkout a percentage of the sales will go to support Liz and Catherine’s cause. Thanks for your support and happy shopping!!

posted pics

This past weekend I went to a wonderful shower luncheon for one of my very best friends! She is having a boy and stuck with the blue theme while decorating her gift; as a special gift for her I picked some blue and purple hydrangeas from our garden and tied them in blue tulle for her! I did a small bouquet for her little girl as well so she would have something special!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Packing that bag!!

July 16, 2010

I had a wonderful lunch with a wonderful friend today who is due in a couple months, we got to talking about her hospital stay and it inspired me to come up with a list that helped me out. Now this list has been passed on to many mama's to be but it wasn't done all by myself. During my pregnancy with SBG, I asked every girlfriend I knew who had given birth to send me their hospital bag list, so thanks to all of them!!! Here are some ideas from the girls and some ideas of my own. Please post what you thought was helpful during your stay at the hospital and many things you wish you had but forgot!!

Hospital bag checklist:

1) Boppy

2) Birth plan

3) Cell phone chargers

4) Chapstick

5) Focal Point

6) For the hubby:
a) Change of clothes
b) Toothbrush/toothpaste
c) Pillow/blanket

7) Hair dryer (even if you do not use one bring one for drying hair if you have a c-section. my hospital did not have one)

8) Laptop

9) Number for your pharmacy

10) Outfits for baby-- The outfit we had was way too big for our baby boy, pack at least one cute preemie outfit for the photo. (Just in case!)

11) Phone List

12) Pillow

13) PJ's-get a dark color and don't spend too much money. A nightgown is preferable b/c they do check you during the night. I also had a pair of silk pajamas and I wore those pants home!! ( I call those babies my Brenda Walsh jammies) :)

14) Plenty of hair ties

15) Pre-printed list of all your important information to give to the hospital staff when you check in.

16) Shower shoes (flip flops)

17) Socks

18) Toilet paper, the hospital's was really rough