Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 14, 2010 & May 19, 2010

MAY 19TH: BabyLegs giveaway today on the Blog!! Write a comment on the latest post below about helpful Mama items, and one winner will be picked randomly tonight! Make sure to leave your email so I can contact the winner! It is for an adorable pair of pink BabyLegs!!

A college friend of mind gave me a great idea for the Blog this week! She suggested to write about items that worked during and after the pregnancy. I thought, what a fabulous idea! So, as I sit on the balcony on this beautiful Spring evening with SBG playing in her sandbox I had some time to think about my most helpful item...The Snoogle Pillow. I bought this at Target towards the end of my pregnancy and it helped me so much when I slept, it became even a bigger help when I came home from the hospital for a lot of reasons; 1) I had a c-section, if you have been through the surgery any type of movement is hard so the extra support in bed was great. 2) Nursing and bottle feedings, it was a nice extra support along with the Boppy 3) Comfort, I used the Snoogle until it was deflated of any "pillowness!!" Please leave your comments of what helped you out on your journey, I am sure the other Mama's would love to read your story.
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Mama D
The one thing that made me feel normal again after having the baby was the Belly Band. After coming home from the hospital and feeling like my emotions were off the charts I just wanted to feel like myself again. I was able to use the Bellyband and were my own jeans and pants and it just made me feel normal. I used the Bellyband while I was pregnant in those ackward days when you are not big enough for maternity clothes yet but your own clothes are not fitting either and then used it again after the baby.
"Mama N"


  1. I am a few days from having my little girl and the things that has helped my most during my pregnancy is either the exercise ball, which really helps when my hips are killing me or the wedge that I recieved from a friend that has helped me soo much to sleep at night.

  2. The Bellyband is GREAT!!!

    For the moments after birth, I found having a great pair of yoga pants were the best thing that was created!!! The kind with the wide waist band. HEAVEN!!! Cozy clothes are must have.

    If the wedge, or snoogle aren't easily accessible to others....maybe try a body pillow. I used my faithfully during pregnancy and have built a very strong relationship with it that now I can't live without it....haha.

    Another baby item that was well loved in this house by all three girls was our Bumbo seat and tray. MUST HAVE!!!

  3. oops.... :)

  4. what help me with my large babies I am a small women is a pregance belt and jeans with buttons

  5. During my pregnancy with my twins was the pants with the full panel. It felt like it gave me some much needed support since my belly was big early. And got to love my body pillow. Made sleeping so much more comfortable especially after my csection.

  6. I was having a lot of false labor and random contractions during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and I was just about at my wit's end. I borrowed an exercise ball from my mother and it worked wonders at relieving not just the contraction pain, but the lower back and hip pains that almost all pregnant women struggle with! During my next pregnancy I'm going to buy an exercise ball of my own and start using it earlier.

  7. I must agree on the bella band! It held my pants up during pregnancy and helped with my belly after! Great product! <3 Babylegs!!

  8. The one thing that helped me the most through my pregnancy, afterwords, and now was my friends in my group on ivillage. I am still friends with most of them and we talk everyday almost on Facebook. You can sign up on their website for the month that your baby is going to be born, or for the month and year that your baby was born. They have been there for me no matter what. We recently had one of our friends lose her third child, she was 5 months along, finally a baby girl. Everyone put money together so that she could do something special with it to help her to remember her baby girl. We all put together over $300! We all also talked to her about it and posted about our stories of miscarriages and how it made us feel. I love my friends who live all over the United States and beyond, a few in Canada, and other places in the world. I have never met a more wonderful group of women. They don't judge me, and I don't judge them. We all have children who were born in or around October 2007.

    I also love babylegs! I have a couple of them for our daughter, but no pink ones. I was just telling my husband that I needed a pink pair for her.

  9. I loved the wedge pillow when I was pregnant. I slept with it and also used it in the car for my back. I would have had to kick my hubby out of bed to have enough room for the snoogle pillow. :)