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April 17, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my new Blog! I wanted to start this blog because I wanted to share some of my experiences with parents, siblings, grandparents, and anyone else who might need some advice on baby items, experience, and great baby gift-giving ideas! I am a proud mama of my incredible two-year-old daughter Charleston, who I will refer to as “sweet baby girl” (or SBG). I hope you enjoy our adventures and maybe we can help you out somehow along the way!

Practical baby items that also make great gifts.
Anytime, a friend of mine tells me the exciting news that they are expecting I always send them my “Must-List!” This is a list of great websites and baby items that I could not live without. It also includes just fun websites that I found during my 9-month journey with sweet baby girl. I send the “Must-List” to friends of mine who found out they have a sister or friend expecting, just in case they are looking for some great gift ideas.

My top two favorite sites are and This is why: is a website for moms solely made up of products that are made by moms. Plus, they have free shipping on all of their products! But more importantly, I love looking at this site to see the newest products out there because this site helps lend credibility to new mama products. I also appreciate all of the BPA-free and green products they list.

Two of my favorite items offered on were Smart Mom Donut Shaped Teething Pendant and the Raz-Berry Teether by Razbaby.

The teething pendant was so incredible. It is a teether that is designed to look like jewelry and is attached to a rope necklace so mama can effortlessly keep the teether from being thrown or dropped onto the floor. Sweet baby girl started to use it when she was about 6 months old; I remember I picked my Christmas Eve outfit out to match my pendant. It was a great accessory but also kept sweet baby girl very happy.

Not only are the Raz-Berry teethers truly adorable and a shower gift hit, they are practical as well. Anytime new teeth started to come in for SBG I gave her the Raz-Berry teether and it would calm her down. A lot of drool, to be sure, but worth it to see her distracted from the pain. Even at two-years-old it still comes in handy. It is a great gift because it can be used at all different teething stages.

Now, my other top pick for practical use and an awesome baby gift idea are BabyLegs! Oh, I cannot rave about this product enough. They are great for both boys and girls and have multiple uses, which I have listed below. Sweet baby girl has eczema; anytime the “Itchies” started we would put on her BabyLegs on her arms and her legs to keep her from scratching, which would help ease the pain. Here were my other great uses for BabyLegs:
• Doctor’s office: You know how they make you change the baby out of their clothes and down to their diaper once you enter the examination room? I always pack a pair of BabyLegs for after her weight check to keep her warm in the doctor’s office. She always gets lots of compliments from the nurses and her doctor!
• Summer time: BabyLegs have these amazing leg warmers called BabyLegs Cool; they have 50+ UV protection and are made of a different material to keep your little one “cooler.” Not only do we use these on vacation to protect her fair skin from the sun but we also use them in the car on sunny days to protect her legs and arms from the sun and prevent sunburn while she is in her car seat.
• Cool weather: I use them under skirts or dresses in case the weather is not quite warm enough no matter what time of year. And sometimes I’ll even put them over her tights if there happens to be a certain look I want her to have. Especially with a holiday outfit.
• Diaper changes: This is especially helpful for us with an eczema breakout to prevent her from itching her legs or arms while having her diaper changed.
• Bathtime: They keep her warm after a bath before we put on her pajamas and they are quick and easy to get on and off.
• They just look great: A great and fun product for mama’s who want their babies to be stylish and at a reasonable price.

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