Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010 Shower Gift Ideas

April 25, 2010

This week’s topic: Shower Gift Ideas

The gift that every mother needs but does not know it…yet!
The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Glider
A co-worker of mine told me about this item when I was pregnant and I thought “Sure, I’ll add it to the registry and see if we get it!” Well, we did and I have to say I could not have lived without this item. Why? I had a c-section and it was almost impossible for me to bend. This piece has a large base that can be put on any sturdy table and it made it possible for me to lift SBG out of the glider easily. The back and forth motion kept SBG happy for hours. The other plus was that the first few nights at home she slept in it. Even though her bassinet was tiny it was still a big space for someone who was used to being in a nice secure tight area for 9 months. The Motion Glider was a great transition piece (I cried when she grew out of it). Currently, I have only been able to find it online at

Shower-themed gift ideas

I love getting a baby shower invitation in the mail because my mind starts turning of what ideas I can put together for the very special Mama-to-be. Here are just a few of my own ideas. Two items I always include are baby mittens (mittens for Mama’s kitten!) and at least one book for baby.

**-BTW, if you use any of these ideas please email me photos and I will gladly post them on my blog!

-Holiday Baby Clothes:
A fun gift to give is one that includes holiday-themed outfits, bibs, socks, onesies, and picture frames; anything that says “Baby’s 1st…” I remember trying to find every holiday outfit for SBG at the last minute, even bibs to mark her first holiday, but I quickly found that there is enough to worry about during the holidays. Do your Mama-to-be a favor and give the new mom one less thing to put on her future holiday to-do lists.

-College/University Outfits: It is a given; if you went to college with me you are getting a St. Vincent College baby item at your shower! Even get one for dad’s Alma mater too. These always get a great crowd reaction!

-Rock ‘n Roll Baby: Nothing gets more “oooh’s and ahh’s” at a shower than the gift that is “different.” A great company called RockaBye Baby ( takes songs from popular artists and turns them into lullabies. I actually bought the Nirvana CD for my husband to give to him on the day of our shower. Get one (or 2) of these CD’s of the mom and dad’s favorite group, and make it perfect with a onesie or bib with the band logo.

-Picture Basket:
Fill a basket with picture frames and photo albums of all sizes. Add a gift certificate to a portrait session, give a gift certificate to an online photo company for Mama to purchase photos of her new baby at no charge, or purchase a gift certificate to; this is a website where Mama and Dad can create their own website for their family. I am a huge fan and member. We started ours for SBG while I was pregnant and it is such a treasure to have all those memories in one place.

Diapers are an essential item for any Mama. Buy Mama multiple packages of diapers in ALL sizes (it is always nice to have the next size up already on hand when you need them) and throw in some wipes too. You can wrap it up like a pyramid or put them in red wagon with a bow. That would surely get quite a crowd reaction.

It is always fun to know the gender when shopping for a shower gift:

Girl Theme: A fun idea for a Mama who is having a girl is to get super girly for the gift. Yes, pink dresses and outfits are a must, but also put in baby-girl’s first baby doll or Barbie, cute hats, bathing suits, pink sippy cups and bibs. But most of all, don’t forget the best part: HAIR ACCESSORIES! My absolute new favorite company is B-Crazi’s Bowtique. The customer service is excellent and the turnaround is fast. She does custom hair bows and her prices are reasonable. I found her at and she was able to show me my bow before she mailed it. The day I received the bow I immediately ordered up another one!

Boy Theme: Blue onesies and socks, a fancy bowtie, bathing suit, soft Tonka truck toys, baseball caps, a cute Fedora, stuffed animal puppy, or a favorite sports team jersey.

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  1. Kelly, these posts are awesome!! I'm going to tell my mom about it because you have such great ideas!