Saturday, June 5, 2010


June 5th

I think this is going to be a great summer and to make it even better I have a giveaway thanks to B Crazi Bows! You can win this adorable bow by writing a comment (and your email address) of your must have summer item, or great idea for traveling in the car for you or for baby! SBG will pick the winner at random on Sunday evening so have your entries in by 6pm Sunday, June 6th!

Here are some items that I have found helpful for last summer when SBG was a little over a year old!

We used the catalog One-Step-Ahead for her swimsuit. She wore the Sun Smarties UPF 50+ Zip Up Surf Suit . She wore the all summer long and she loved it, it was quick and easy to get her in and out even when it was wet from the pool.

Also from One-Step-Ahead, we bought Sun Smarties™ Adjustable Swim Diaper it is environmentally friendly, and there was no soggy mess that you might get with a disposable diaper.

Water socks by, they are wonderful! We had two pairs for her and they were used at the beach and the pool. A very durable product, it protected her feet from the sun but also from outside elements like sharp shells or the hot concrete at the pool.

Her summer hat was an SPF hat from Babies R’ Us, love this product and so happy it still fits her for this year.
For vacation, we purchased the PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed from One-Step-Ahead. This tent was safe and secure for SBG. It packs up nicely and is very compact; a nice bonus is that is comes with its own pump. I do remember having to watch the video to close and “fold” up the tent; it did take a few times but worth it. I will be very interesting to see how she does in it this year.

This summer!
This year we wanted to try something different for the diaper cover. I went to Babies R’ Us and found their diaper covers, I went with the next size up of XXL and it was the perfect fit! I do wish they had a linking in the cover but all in all a great product and it was only $3.99!

Can’t wait to read all of your great suggestions and don’t forget your sun tan lotion!!!


  1. Since I'm a new mom and my little one is just now almost 3 months old I don't have much experience traveling with her. The two trips we have made sure to have our daughter's favorite CD (she loves Hannah Montana of all things), lovie, extra pacis, and her Musical Taggies Duck which is her best friend and riding buddy. I can't wait to make lots of summer memories with her during the next couple of months! Oh! and my traveling must camera! I carry it with me everywhere because you just never know when you will need it to capture a special moment.

  2. just thought of another must have as I'm pack to go stay at the base...her meds and her Woombie. Usually we don't take trips when she's not feeling well but since it happens sometimes I make a list of any medication she might be on so I'm sure to remember to pack it. As for her Woombie...thats the only way she sleep through the night so we want to make sure we have it with us. That's one thing we can't just run out and buy if we forget it.